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Napa Valley (85.7 %), Sonoma Cabernet (14.3%), Malbec (7.1%), Petite Verdot (4.8%), Cabernet Franc (2.4%). This is a simply elegant and classic Napa Valley Cabernet that is much like a Bordeaux blend: big bold wine with flavors of blueberry, dark cherry and current, a slight hint of vanilla with soft oak in the nose and it finishes with soft tannins on the back of the pallet.

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$120.00 per Bottle
This is beautiful in color as it comes from the Petite Sirah grape which is dark and aromatic. Both the nose and the mouth feel on this wine are spectacular. This is a Rose' that is a little darker in color and has enough flavor to stand up to a steak, but is still dry, elegant and very layered with flavor. This wine holds a special place in my heart as we made this for a very special organization called Send Me On Vacation which sends women on a much needed vacation after completing Breast Cancer Treatment.

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$38.00 per Bottle
Chardonnay (7.5%), Sauvignon Blanc (92.5%). Not your traditional Sauvignon Blanc. It leans more to the tropical side of the house. You will get hints of pineapple on the nose and stone fruit flavors in the mouth with a crisp clean finish because it was made in a steel tank. We like to say it is a Sauvignon Blanc but drinks like a Chardonnay. This wine is best served nicely chilled!

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$28.00 per Bottle